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  1. You place your order depending on the amount of data you want to backup
  2. We process your payment
  3. You are sent a download link for the software
  4. We send you your username and password
  5. You install the software
  6. Login to the software
  7. Specify what data you would like to backup
  8. Specify how many revisions you would like
  9. Specify the period to keep your backup for
  10. Remember deleted files are not permanantly deleted
  11. Your data can be continuously backed up or scheduled
  12. Your data is now available anywhere in the world via you login
  13. Backed up to 3 different locations for redundancy
  14. Encrypted
  15. Safe & Secure
  16. Never worry about your data again order here
  17. Available also for direct NAS backup please call for details


01476 50 40 42


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